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Allan Hunkin

Raised on a small prairie farm, Allan catapulted himself into the business world at the age of nineteen. By the time he was twenty-four, Allan was conducting public seminars on personal growth. An entrepreneur and businessman for over twenty years, Allan has led, managed and operated several businesses and projects.

In 1978 Allan put his speaking and training career on hold to pursue another life passion, aviation. He entered the sport aircraft movement and quickly became a national distributor and eventually a worldwide manufacturer of sport aircraft. As a pilot Allan reached the height of his flying career in 1985 when he was selected as flight leader of the six-plane formation team The Northern Lights.

In 1991 cancer provided Allan with an un-negotiable opportunity to change a hectic lifestyle. He returned to his first passion in life and since that time he has been a full time speaker, counselor, coach, author and broadcaster. Today Allan is recognized as a leading authority in the area of Worthiness.

A graduate of the Clear Mind Institute Allan has studied and worked with some of the most influential people of our time including John Bradshaw, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Chuck Spezzano, Denis Waitley, Lou Tice and Anthony Robbins. He has interviewed over one hundred and fifty experts in the areas of self-help, life improvement and success.

Highly creative and intuitive, Allan has a well-developed talent for untangling and explaining sophisticated psychological / spiritual concepts into simple, helpful keys and principles. Allan’s friendly conversational style makes him popular both as a radio host and guest expert.

In 1997 Allan became one of the early pioneers of Internet based broadcasting. Allan founded "Success Media Group Inc." and created his first Internet Radio Program, "How Good Can You Stand It" By mid 1998 Allan had launched the Success Talk Channel, providing a home for new radio hosts focusing on self-help, personal development, life skills, business and career.

Today, "Success Media Group Inc." is the largest provider of audio-based life enhancement content on the Internet.

Allan lives with the cat Mr. Z in sunny Vancouver, British Columbia.

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